Premium Douglas Fir Lumber

McGee Lumber Company supplies top quality clear (no knots) and knotty Douglas Fir Lumber that can be cut to order for tongue and groove, boards, planks, siding, molding, flooring, timbers, and beams. Milled Douglas Fir wood and lumber in lengths up to 20 feet.

Charlotte NC regional deliveries. Nationwide Shipping.  Contact us for a quote.

Douglas Fir is a very beautiful and versatile wood and has been successfully used since the 1800s as the wood of choice for so many home building and remodeling projects. A beautiful light pinkish color marks our high grade Douglas Fir. 

Being a light colored wood makes Douglas Fir so right for inside or outside jobs. Also, the light color makes it work well whether it is stained, painted, or left natural. Douglas Fir also has some of the desirable rot resistant qualities, which allow it to be used outdoors.

McGee Lumber Company only purchases the highest quality Douglas Fir that we can find. All our Douglas Fir is graded C or better by the independent West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau. This grade means that our Douglas Fir is essentially knot free (you may find an occasional small knot in an occasional piece). 

Of course we use nothing but kiln-dried Douglas Fir. 

One unique feature of McGee Douglas Fir is that it is "vertical grain" — this designation means that the grain of the wood is very straight and parallel with the next growth ring, which creates a quite uniform appearance and also makes the Douglas Fir less likely to warp or twist on the job.

Applications for Douglas Fir include flooring, paneling, exterior siding, moulding, or any other application that you might be able to dream up. If you have an idea, give us a call and lets talk about it.

Douglas Fir comes in a variety of thickness, widths, and lengths up to 20 feet long.

As with any of our products we can modify the basic Douglas Fir products to suit your needs — tongue and groove for flooring or paneling? No problem. Special exterior siding? Can easily be done. Anything else that you can think of and we haven't considered? Give us a call and let us know what you are thinking.

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