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McGee Lumber Company

"You go with what got you here"

What you have today is the same story you had in training the new generation of management at McGee Lumber Company. By starting with the basics, quality wood produuts production plus tried and true methods in 1936 when McGee Lumber Company built it's first lumber barn. A small business concern whose fortunes reflect those of America itself. Hard work, blessings, and dedication to the customers' needs lead to success.  And today, McGee Lumber Company continues with the same philosophies that bred success for Ed and Clarence McGee:

  • Deliver first quality lumber and milled wood products to your customer
  • Help the customer make the correct choice of lumber for its intended use
  • Tell the truth about your lumber, your capabilities and the capabilities of your product.
  • Remain humble.
  • Remember the transaction isn't complete until the customer is satisfied.

With these principles in mind, you cannot go wrong. And is it no wonder that McGee Lumber Company has been around for generations?

Where are we today? We are here in Charlotte NC to help customers nationwide with particular lumber and milled wood needs. We do thank you for your interest in us.

President, McGee Lumber Company


Great Service

We are careful about making promises to the folks who favor us with their business. But when we come to agreement with a customer and we tell them that we will do something, we have given our word and our word is very important to us. When we say "yes" we mean "yes" not "maybe" or "yes" unless something better comes along.

While nobody can ever guarantee against factors beyond their control, the people at McGee Lumber Company work very hard to fulfill our promises to our customers, suppliers, employees, to various governmental agencies that supervise us, and to the community at large.