Premium California All Heart Redwood Lumber

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Premium California All Heart Redwood Lumber

McGee Lumber Company supplies top quality California All Heart Redwood Lumber that can be cut to order for tongue and groove, boards, planks, siding, molding, flooring, timbers, and beams. Milled California All Heart Redwood Lumber in lengths up to 20 feet.

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Redwood Lumber gives you absolutely the finest appearance, excellent durability against rot and termites, and is totally natural — meaning there are no artificial preservatives associated with this prince of softwoods. Redwood lumber will maintain its smooth feel and is suitable for benches, outdoor furniture, decking, and paneling.  

McGee's Redwood Lumber is an ideal choice for outdoor environment or any application where there will be environmental factors that would destroy other woods.  Redwood Lumber is still a very popular choice for wood hot tubs, skirting around spas, and saunas.  Now THAT is a lot of abuse!

Do you need a wood that has no knots and is kiln dried? Then McGee Lumber's clear all heart, kiln dried, vertical grain redwood lumber is the product to consider. A wonderfully dark red uniform appearance characterizes this premium species and grade.  McGee Redwood Lumber has a natural rot and termite resistance that is unsurpassed in any other domestic softwood.

Working With Redwood Lumber

Redwood Lumber is incredibly easy to work with.  It takes nails without easily splitting, is easy to shape and redwood is soft to the feel.  Redwood is luxury.

While Redwood Lumber can take a finish, few people go this route because of redwood's natural beauty.  Redwood Lumber is one of nature's perfect woods that is naturally finished before you get it.

We keep this beauty in a variety of thickness, widths and lengths up to 20 feet long.

Also, please remember that we can take McGee Redwood Lumber products and run a tongue and groove for paneling, make a special siding for the outside of your house, or any other application that you might want to consider.  Just give us a call and let us help you solve your particular problem.

Great Service

We are careful about making promises to the folks who favor us with their business. But when we come to agreement with a customer and we tell them that we will do something, we have given our word and our word is very important to us. When we say "yes" we mean "yes" not "maybe" or "yes" unless something better comes along.

While nobody can ever guarantee against factors beyond their control, the people at McGee Lumber Company work very hard to fulfill our promises to our customers, suppliers, employees, to various governmental agencies that supervise us, and to the community at large.