Premium White Oak Lumber

McGee Lumber Company supplies top quality clear (no knots) and knotty White Oak Lumber that can be cut to order for tongue and groove, boards, planks, siding, molding, flooring, timbers, and beams. Milled White Oak wood and lumber in lengths up to 20 feet.

Charlotte NC regional deliveries. Nationwide Shipping.  Contact us for a quote.

For many remodeling and new construction projects, there is no substitute for the beauty, warmth, strength and durability of kiln-dried, knot-free red oak lumber. 

There are two kinds of white oak lumber at McGee Lumber company and each kind of oak has its specific purposes.  If you are looking for lumber to use indoor and one of your requirements is beauty, read on.  For those interested in the strength of oak lumber alone, consider our section on rough cut green oak lumber.

White Oak lumber is not only a beautiful wood, but provides excellent strength and durability. White Oak window and door trim stands up to decades of wear and oak does not damage easily.

Working with White Oak Lumber

Working with White Oak Lumber takes more time than working with many other woods because it is a hardwood.  But the extra effort is worth the difference when the project is completed.  Your oak trim, paneling, and furniture will weather heavy traffic and staining oak provides some incredible results.

Staining oak is easy because it is quite dense and does not absorb the stain quickly.  You have time to apply the and work with even the darkest stains without the oak soaking it up and becoming too dark.

Cabinets, moulding and paneling are wonderful applications for this prince of hardwoods. One extraordinary application for our red oak is wide (even 6") tongue-and-groove flooring. This application creates a dynamite and unique look in any decor. If you want the best — consider our beautiful red oak.

Tips on purchasing Oak Lumber